As an experienced and certified Australian education consultant, GOAJO provides all our customers with quality & competent support, offering education services online or at one of the best universities in the world. We understand that obtaining an academic degree is a crucial stage in everyone’s life, which can be further complicated due to migration problems and completing the relevant documents. That is why we present the broadest range of educational consultancy services and the capabilities of our online study center really impress.

For over two decades, GOAJO has assisted our students with visa processing and applying to the best universities in the world, proud of our high visa approval rates and increased number of satisfied customers. Let best education consultants Australia help you make your dreams about studying & working abroad come true.

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Widest Range of Education Consulting Services & Comprehensive Support


We offer the best educational consulting entirely tailored to individual needs, requirements, taking into account personal wishes, capabilities, and skills. It doesn’t matter at what stage of preparation to admission you are in – our managers & experts are always ready to help you because your well-being and comfort are vital to our education consultants Australia.

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The broadest capabilities of our online study center and the many courses available are ideal for both online learning and competent preparation for university admission exams. You can also get help from an education consultant USA to improve your language skills and pass IELTS & PTE tests.


The Australian educational consultant also offers assistance in choosing a learning establishment and specialty based on your academic goals and financial capabilities. Check out our list of the top universities worldwide to select the best option ideally suited to your preferences and needs.


will handle most of the paperwork, including interaction with the visa application center Australia so that you can quickly and easily receive a package of all the necessary documents. We also help you with OSHC & OVHC for health insurance and many other applications to make your staying abroad comfortable & legal.

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We assist you at all stages of admission & studying.

Perhaps studying the requirements for Australia study visa and documents collection are the most difficult stages, along with the preparation for the entrance exams. The choice of the type of visa, the lengthy finding of the necessary papers, and careful preparation for the trip do not yet guarantee that the Migration Center will approve the application and provide the opportunity to complete the entire education course. In this case, seeking help from a professional visa consultant is the most profitable and reasonable solution.

The well-experienced GOAJO team offers services from the best specialists who know how to get Australian student visas. Plus, we provide a comprehensive approach that includes support for our clients at all stages of preparation for admission and moving to another country:

  • Consultation GOAJO helps to pinpoint your academic goals, needs, and opportunities.
  • Admission goajo considers the peculiarities of studying in a particular country for any specialty you desire.
  • visa implies the delegation of all paperwork related to preparing the submission of your visa documents to us.
  • support ensures that we stay in touch with you, assisting with settling in your new country and educational institution.


Assist with university & course selection: The Goajo team will help you find the perfect learning solution and guide you to the best on-site education consultant for Australia universities admission. Moreover, you can choose any other country where our representatives are, for studying and staying.


Admission & pre-departure support: Our Australian education consultant will help you
prepare for entrance exams, language courses for IELTS & PTE and provide you with the appropriate solutions to all organizational and paper problems.


Help with visa processing & approval: Entrust us with all the work related to your student visa application, processing, approval, and renewal. Don’t let this problem distract you from your learning & moving tasks.


Arrangement & accommodation support: Our education consultants Australia are also on hand to ensure your comfort while staying in another country. We help with finding housing, part-time work, and medical care.







Goajo Education Consultants Australia – Our Clients Opinion

Check our testimonials to ensure the quality & competition of our education and consulting services. As a well-experienced Australian education consultant, we have helped a considerable number of African students.

Our clients were satisfied not only with the professionalism of our education consultants abroad but with the ability to delegate most of the paperwork & visa approval processes. It allowed the students to focus entirely on the educational process and receive diplomas, which helped them get high-paying jobs and establish valuable business contacts.

God bless Abuja goajo team. Meeting them was a blessing. Their professionalism is out of the world. Their staff services are top notch especially one Mr Mathew who was so encouraging and even prayed for me before submitting my application.Mr Matthew was the reason I didn’t give up. They are simply the best. I will always recommend????.

Enwerem Amara

Walking into this company’s branch at Ikeja this year is one of my best decisions this year. Their customer relation skills and attention to details are second to none. Thanks to God I followed their advice and expertise which yielded desired results at end. I recommend their services to any one that truly wants professional services.

Helen Uba

I was really confused before I went to their office at Abuja but the day I stepped my feet into their office was the day my ‘wahala’ left me. It wasn’t an easy task to achieve since I was seeking to further my education in Australia. Finally, I got in to study my dream course. Mr Moses was a life saver! And Mr Matthew

Jacinta Azuatalam

Nice experience. Dedicated team. Follow up on issues to ensure you have a wonderful experience. I appreciate their dedication, personalize approach, and the team “Never give up” spirit. I will always recommend this team for all my Australia business.

Ayoade Adewale

Goajo agency is prominent, dependent and well trusted. They made my Australian dream come true. They are indeed the best to assist anyone that wishes to travel to Australia. Their admission application process and Visa application process is smooth, recommendable and fast.

Emmanuel Paul

I highly recommend Goajo agency. Their dedication and passion to seeing you achieve your goals is second to none. Thank you Goajo team.
Mark Ayodele

With the help of God goajo made my dreams a reality in a short period of time. I would recommend goajo to every and anyone wanting to travel or study abroad. It is 90% (just because nothing can be a hundred) guaranteed. Thank you

Uche Ajoku

If you are in dire need of an agency to help run your schooling and Visa processing, Goajo agency is the best place to run to. I’ll recommend them a 100 times over. ???? ???? ????. They are friendly and they’ll help you with everything with less stress from your end

ladun babayeju